‘The Wonder of the Awakening Mind’
Buddha Day Festival 2022

15th May - A Day Celebrating the Buddha's Enlightenment-
All Welcome
With a week of special activities in the lead up

The Enlightenment of the Buddha was an irreversible breakthrough into a new kind of consciousness for the world. All our practice flows from this endless stream of wisdom and compassion, flowing throughout the history of humanity. So do come and join us for this key Buddhist festival at the LBC, a day for all – whether you are just beginning to meditate or have been practising for many years. There will be meditations, stories, meals together and a special ritual in the evening where some people will become mitras or ‘friends’ of this Buddhist community.

Lead up programme:
Mon - Fri 1 - 2pm Lunchtime Toolkit with Suryagupta
Friday 7.15pm - 5.30am All Night Meditation with stories from the Buddha's Enlightenment

Programme for Buddha Day:
10am Doors open - Welcome and coffee
10.30am 'The Buddha's Enlightenment': meditation, reflection, readings (doors are closed till 1pm)
1pm Lunch (please bring vegetarian/vegan food to share)
2.30pm 'The Five Wanderers': relive the Buddha's first teaching, live! (for children aged 1 to 100)
3.30pm 'A Personal Invitation' - pick up and reflect on your own teaching from the Buddha
4.30pm 'The Awakening Mind': talk by Dhammarati (Chair of LBC until 1994)
6pm Dinner (by Polly and other local community members)
7.15pm Puja and mitra ceremonies

Programme for the Week