Life With Full Attention

A Practical Course in Mindfulness

Eight Wednesdays from Wed 15 Feb | 7.15–9.45pm (in person) 7.45–9.45 (online)| In person or online

The point of life is to live – to live as fully, richly and meaningfully as possible. The point is to really do something with your life, instead of merely scrolling through Instagram, binge-watching Netflix, or rehearsing arguments in your head. Often we don’t realise how much potential we have, how large our life can be. The Buddhist practice of mindfulness is to do with becoming more alive,  and with living out our full potential.

This eight-week course, based on Maitreyabandhu’s book Life with Full Attention,  is an ideal way to learn mindfulness in a systematic way, in all its breadth and depth:

  • From a Buddhist – who understands the true significance of mindfulness in its original context.
  • From an experienced teacher – who has been practicing mindfulness for over 25  years.
  • As part of a vibrant community – not from an App, a book, or a YouTube clip.
  • On an eight-week intensive course – that takes the challenges of your life seriously and looks at how to apply the teachings to your experience here and now.

The course covers:

  • Day-to-day mindfulness – the mindfulness of small, everyday things, and how setting up positive routines can make a real difference.
  • Awareness of the body.
  • Awareness of how our experiences feel.
  • Awareness of our states of mind, the impact that they have, and how we can work with them.
  • Appreciating art and nature.
  • Awareness of other people.
  • Awareness of the true nature of reality.

You’ll be guided in a range of practices to try at home, including different meditations and exercises to help you bring more moments of mindfulness into day-to-day life. We'll send weekly emails with a summary of each session and some home practice.

As part of the course, Maitreyabandhu is hosting two live Q&A sessions where you can bring any questions arising. The first will be held on 16th March, find out more here. The second on 6th April, find out more here.

Maitreyabandhu rarely teaches the course these days, so this is an ideal chance to benefit directly from his many years of experience. Do book your place!

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