The Journey and The Guide

A practical course in Enlightenment

Eight Tuesdays from 4 Oct | 7.15–9.30pm (in person) 8.15-9.30 (online) | In Person or Online

How can we make the most of our life? The most important question that we face can also be the hardest to answer.

Join in for a ‘practical course in Enlightenment’, where we'll be stepping onto a journey of discovery. Mixing poetry, myth and down-to-earth instruction, we will explore how we can follow in the Buddha's foot-steps, day by day, week by week, so we can reach our own full potential. The course is based on the book by Maitreyabandhu, a prize-winning poet and teacher at the London Buddhist Centre since 1990.

The in-person sessions include guided meditations at the start of each session at the LBC, interactive teaching, weekly group discussions and a hard-copy of the book.

Zoom sessions feature interactive teaching, weekly group discussion and a digital copy of the book.

All participants will be sent weekly follow-up emails with pre-recorded guided meditations, a session summary and home practice for the week.

Led by Danayutta and Prajnaghosa.

Eight Tuesdays, starting Tue 4 Oct, 7.15 –9.30pm (in person) or 8.15–9.30pm (online). In person: £170 / £120. Online: £100 / £65.

As part of this course Maitreyabandhu, the author of the book, is hosting two live Q&A sessions where you can bring any questions arising. The first will be held on 27th October, find out more here. The second on 24th November, find out more here.