The Winter Retreat 2023

Fri 22 Dec – Mon 1 Jan
(or you can come from 22–27 Dec or 27 Dec–1 Jan)
Adhisthana, Herefordshire
Led by Suryagupta & Dayanatha

When the Buddha looked back over his search for the truth, he wondered why he had looked for it in things which, like his human life, couldn’t last. Where was true fulfillment to be found? When it comes to the darkest time of the year, we’ve all got a choice. Do we want to repeat the same old rituals, spin the Christmas record round one more time? Or do we want to embark on a quest to unlock our full potential? 

On the winter retreat – the highlight of the LBC’s calendar – we will use the Buddha’s insights to delve into these deepest questions of our life. Through meditation, reflection, ritual and living in harmony with others we will move closer to that ultimate potential. We will embark on the Noble Quest. 

Perfect for newcomers or those in their first two years of practice (if you’ve been practising for longer, please get in touch with us before booking). We’d recommend you come for the full ten days but you’re welcome to come for the first five over Christmas or second five over New Years Eve.

Further information can be found on our more about retreats page.

Get in touch with to ask any questions you have or to discuss options should financial constraints prevent you from booking the retreat.

Booking Options

£530 full / £430 conc. / £380 sub25
£340 full / £290 conc. / £230 sub25
£340 full / £290 conc. / £230 sub25
*Dorm accommodation is only available for Women for the first 5 days and Men for the Second 5 Days.

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