Mandala Project Fundraiser

Friendship and community are at the heart of the London Buddhist Centre, and as well as being essential to practising a Buddhist path, they are essential in an increasingly alienated world. This is why the London Buddhist Centre is launching the Mandala Project: to create a Buddhist run community space where a way of life based on courage and generosity can be fully lived.

This Buddhist hub will be next door to the London Buddhist Centre, in what used to be the Larder, and will provide a place to eat together and meet friends during the day and before evening classes, as well as offering a programme of music and art events within a welcoming atmosphere.

It will enable us all to participate more fully in a complete Dharma life, build connections in the Sangha, creatively express practice through music and art, and share the richness of our Dharma lives more fully with the local community and each other.

Major upgrades to the space are needed, including refurbishments and structural changes. And for that we need your help. We are looking to fundraise £100,000 in one off donations to finance refurbishing the space as well as £1,000 in monthly regular donations to support the team who will work full time on the project.