Sangha Day Festival 2022

Sun 6th November| 10am - 10pm | at the LBC and YouTube

Sangha Day is the celebration of the real, living, joyful spiritual fellowship of those practising the Buddha's Teaching. All are invited to join the day where we will be rejoicing in that shared commitment to the realisation of the ideal of human Enlightenment.

We will do that through meditation, talks on spiritual friendship and a ceremony whereby we celebrate one’s own practice. The day will culminate with mitra ceremonies in which people publicly join the Sangha and declare their involvement with Buddhism.

Led by: Amalayodhin, Dayanatha, Garavavati, and Kusalasara.

Programme for the day:
10 - 11.15am - Welcome and Meditation
11.30am - 1pm - Tales of Friendship
1pm - Shared Lunch (please bring vegan food to share)
2.30 - 4pm - Mantra chanting 
4.30pm - Keynote talk - The Renewal of Sangha with Dayanatha
6pm - Shared Dinner – we'll serve home-cooked vegan food
7pm - Festival Day Puja with Mitra Ceremonies – we'll conclude the festival with a ritual, come in person.

Sangha Day Activities