The Winter Retreat 2022

Thur 22 Dec – Sun 1 Jan
(or you can come from 22–27 Dec or 27 Dec–1 Jan)
Adhisthana, Herefordshire
Led by Danayutta and Sthiramanas

At the darkest time of the year, time seems to slow down and our mind turns naturally towards what is most important in life. We often numb this instinct with the same old superficial pleasures, but they’re never enough. 

By gathering with others and reflecting deeply on our lives we can discover a consciousness that illuminates our lives and the world in an entirely new way. 

The Winter Retreat is our main event of the year and the best way to experience the vision of the LBC. Travelling together to Adhisthana retreat centre in the Malvern Hills, we’ll create a new kind of community for ten days by relating to each other on the basis of our highest potential. 

Perfect for newcomers or those in their first two years of practice (if you’ve been practicing for longer, please get in touch before booking). You can book for five days (22 – 27 Dec or 27 Dec – 1 Jan) but we really recommend that you take the plunge and come for the whole thing (22 Dec – 1 Jan). See below for the booking options.

Further information can be found on our more about retreats page.

Get in touch with to ask any questions you have or to discuss options should financial constraints prevent you from booking the retreat.

Booking Options

£530 full / £430 conc. / £380 sub25
£340 full / £290 conc. / £230 sub25
£340 full / £290 conc. / £230 sub25
*Dorm accommodation is only available for Women for the first 5 days and Men for the Second 5 Days.

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