Urban Retreat 2022

Life and Liberation

Sat 17 – Sat 24 September | In Person and on YouTube | Free to join

Progress in the spiritual life is to be made here and now, so we’ll have a week of events to help you be ‘on retreat’ at the London Buddhist Centre in the midst of your London life.

We'll kickstart the retreat on Saturday 17th September at 2pm. On the Sunday, we'll come together for a silent meditation day at the centre. During the week we'll support you with morning meditation at the centre (followed by breakfast!), and lunchtime meditation toolkit sessions. In the evenings we'll come together for talks and a ritual.

The retreat will lead into a festival day celebrating Padmasambhava, the legendary guru of Tibetan Buddhism, sometimes called the Second Buddha.  

Alongside the main Urban Retreat programme, we’ll be running the Urban Retreat Fringe – events which explore alternative ways of deepening our practice through the arts, friendship, and bodywork.

We’ve been running the Urban Retreat for more than fifteen years and it’s still one of our most popular events. You don’t need to take time off work to join in, and most of the events will have an online option for those who can’t make it to the centre.

All levels of experience are welcome and it's free – do sign up!

Led by:
Suryanaga, Danayutta, Satyamanas,
Padmanandi, Dayanatha

Our Events for the Week