About The London Buddhist Centre

At the London Buddhist Centre we teach meditation and Buddhism in a way that is relevant to contemporary life as part of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Our centre, situated in Bethnal Green, is open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm. Drop in to look around the centre, or to join a meditation class. We're also continuing to offer a number of events online. See our full schedule.

We host regular retreats at our rural retreat centre, Vajrasana, in Suffolk.

We also run yoga classes, PoetryEast, school visits, two charity shops, fairs, festivals and classes for people under 25  - all in an atmosphere of community and friendship.

The London Buddhist Centre is a registered charity and runs on generosity. All of our class and retreat leaders are volunteering their time and those who work full-time at the centre are supported according to their needs rather than paid a wage.

We want to move from a culture of exchange to a culture of generosity, providing our activities on a donation basis wherever possible. Do consider supporting us in this transforming work by making a donation. Thank you.

We are running a number of classes every weekday, and special events every few weeks. On this site you can see our full schedule, as well as find support and inspiration, and join in with our community.