Buddhism at the London Buddhist Centre

More than just a philosophy, or even a religion, Buddhism is a practical path of human development. Its goal is to see things as they really are, achieved by cultivating the mind in meditation and supported by leading a life of meaning and value.

The outcome of such radical transformation is a powerful altruistic urge and the energy, clarity and courage to make a real difference.

Buddhism is a whole vision for life – one that includes meditation, study, ritual, friendship and a deepening sense of purpose.

For those who want to practice Buddhism, we offer a whole range of supports – you can join a discussion group, help at classes and explore ways of living, even working with other Buddhists. Finally, we offer a progressive path of commitment to Ordination and beyond.

We often refer to the practice of Buddhist teachings as the ‘Dharma’, which means both the truth of things, and the Path towards the realisation of that truth. The best way to explore these teachings is by tuning in to Dharma Night, our class that runs every Monday from 7.15 to 9.30pm both in person and on YouTube. Click the button below to our full list of events at the centre.