Buddhism at the London Buddhist Centre

Buddhism offers a practical path of human growth, ultimately towards enlightenment, the profound Awakening discovered by the Buddha two and a half thousand years ago. 

Buddhist practices include meditation, retreats, study, ritual, community or Sangha, and myriad other ways in which our lives can be enriched with a sense of purpose and connection. 

Teachings from the Buddhist tradition are often referred to as the ‘Dharma’, which means both the Truth or ‘how things really are’ and the Path towards the realisation of that Truth.

The Dharma as a Path involves a transformation of how we understand and value ourselves and others, and the possibilities of human life. This is not a philosophy so much as a deep change of heart. Outwardly such a transformation will include an altruistic urge and the energy, clarity and courage to make a real difference.

The Dharma is traditionally likened to a raft for crossing a torrent. Out of the sufferings and limits of our experience, we discover a joy and liberation which is not contingent on making the world fit our demands. Wherever we are on that journey we can taste for ourselves how the Dharma works and thereby gain confidence.

For those who want to find out about and/or practice Buddhism, we offer a range of options. Aside from classes, courses and retreats, there are study groups, volunteer opportunities, communities and options for working with others.

One easy way to start exploring these teachings is by tuning in to Dharma Night, our class that runs every Monday from 7.15 to 9.30pm both in person and on YouTube. Click the button below to our full list of events at the centre.