The main obstacles to working successfully with our minds are in the way we live our lives. The retreats we run at Vajrasana, our purpose-built retreat centre in Suffolk, whether a weekend or a longer intensive retreat, are ideal conditions in which to look deeply at our lives and transform them for the better.

You don’t need to know anything about Buddhism or meditation to come on most of our retreats. You just need to be open to exploring the larger issues of life and what they might mean for you. Our retreats are run by an experienced team of volunteers, who help create a harmonious community atmosphere that you can join in with. Further information can be found on our more about retreats page.

Once you’ve been on one or two retreats, we’d recommend going further by joining one of our intensive retreats or booking one of our solitary retreat huts.

If financial constraints prevent you from booking a retreat, please see our help to get on retreat page.