Mandala Café

A new neighbourhood café and events space

A new Buddhist-run cafe

The Mandala cafe is now open next door to the London Buddhist Centre! Thank you to everyone who donated.

The Mandala team are friends and Buddhists, and this is a non-profit venture (we are a registered charity). Do come along and experience the unique and friendly atmosphere!

Opening hours

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 7pm
Saturday 10am - 3.30pm

The building itself

Extension of our centre

Friendship and community are at the heart of the London Buddhist Centre, and as well as being essential to practising a Buddhist path, they are essential in an increasingly alienated world.

A new Buddhist run space

This Buddhist hub will be next door to the London Buddhist Centre, in what used to be the Larder, and will provide a place to eat together and meet friends during the day and before evening classes, as well as offering a programme of music and art events within a welcoming atmosphere.

Meet the team!


"Coming across the Cherry, as it was called back then, was life changing. It was the first time I had seen people living an alternative, simple, modern Buddhist life. At the LBC I had heard about this life, but next door in the cafe, I experienced it. It was tangible, inspiring and possible…I immediately wanted to get involved! This is why I am most inspired for the LBC to run a cafe once more"


"The new space will link with classes at the centre, provide a platform for expression of practice through music and art, and connect to the local community. In this way, more people will have the opportunity to see that living a Dharma life is really something quite radical.”

Fundraising Progress

90% of target reached

Why I give

"The LBC is a very special place to me.  Its generosity fills me with bright inspiration and the wish to give my own time and resources to spread these gifts to others.” - Luong

"The LBC has had a hugely positive effect on my life and it feels good to contribute towards the continuing good work of the centre." - Dee

"In whatever way I give to the LBC – money, time, labour, or in any other way – I have great faith that I really do contribute, and that my money and my time will be used skilfully and lovingly." - Danadhara

"When I see my Direct Debit leaving my account  I feel happy, knowing that there is such a good return on this investment: spreading the Dharma, building community and helping people grow." - Ruth