It’s now well known that meditation has a positive effect on pretty much every aspect of our lives. But despite the apps and good intentions, many of us struggle to keep up a meditation practice. To stay motivated, we need the encouragement of others, and to connect to a vaster perspective for our lives. So, this January, challenge yourself to:

> Meditate every day for four weeks
> Come to the London Buddhist Centre at least once a week (in person or online).

We’ll support you with guided meditations Mondays to Friday, a series of special events, and a community to help you learn or deepen your meditation practice.

Through practical instruction in meditation alongside Buddhist wisdom teachings, we'll help you discover the motivation to meditate by applying some of life's biggest questions.

Join in for free to discover your own reasons to meditate – and to keep it going.

Events on offer

1. Morning meditations online

During the Challenge, kick-start every weekday at home with a session of communal practice led by an experienced Buddhist practitioner. There will be teaching input and plenty of time to apply what’s taught in your own practice. If your're not familiar with the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices, you can choose the option to learn them over the first two weeks.

If you miss any of our online sessions, catch up HERE

2. Tuesday & Wednesday evenings

If you live in London, remember that part of the Challenge is to come to the centre once a week! These evenings will be a chance to gather with other meditators and have more time for both reviewing how it’s going and learning more. There will be two options on each evening - either you can be instructed to the fundamentals of the Mindfulness of Breathing and Metta Bhavana practices or, if you're familiar with them deepen your practice. The regulars Wednesday evening class will also be live-streamed on YouTube. 

3. Saturday mornings with Maitreyabandhu

Even once we’re meditating regularly, there is always more depth available. On these intensive mornings, Maitreyabandhu, one of our most experienced teachers, will open up more of the vistas available to the committed meditator. Although we won't be introducing the basics, you don’t need to have meditated before the Challenge to come to these classes.

4. Extra guidance for your practice at home

Sign up for the Challenge and we'll send you emails each week with everything you need to take part, including the class timetable and links to the online sessions. We'll also include some extra guided meditations and advice on how to establish and maintain your meditation practice.