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Free Meditation Starter Kit
The first step to a life fully of beauty and contentment is to just start meditating. We’ve been getting people started with meditation for over 4 decades, so we know what’s most helpful for getting a practice going.
Video: The Essential 4 Steps of Meditation
Learn the fundamentals of meditation from our Chair, Suryagupta
Audio: 20 minute Guided Meditation
Learn to meditate with the voice of an experienced meditator
Worksheet: What Mindfulness Really Is
Mindfulness is everywhere these days, but it’s a concept with ancient roots.
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Over 45 years of teaching meditation and Buddhism

The London Buddhist Centre is Europe’s largest urban Buddhist Centre; it’s the heart of a varied and vibrant community of Buddhist practitioners in East London.

We teach Buddhism and meditation in a way which is relevant to contemporary life. We also host regular retreats at our rural retreat centre in Suffolk.